TELEHOUSE, Verizon Digital Media Partner on Peering

TELEHOUSE has formed a long-term plan with Verizon Digital Media Services to build out Internet Exchange points.

Verizon Digital Media Services is already a member in TELEHOUSE’s LAIIX and NYIIX, and plans to participate in potential future TELEHOUSE Internet Exchange points.

“Working with TELEHOUSE will enable us to further expand our content delivery network presence,” said Verizon Digital Media Services’ CTO, Rob Peters. “Together, we will augment both scale and network performance, to successfully meet the increasing consumer demand for quick, reliable access to online content.”

“As a true global leader in the digital media supply chain market, having Verizon Digital Media Services at all TELEHOUSE’s Internet Exchange Points gives tremendous value to our organization and its peering members. I strongly encourage any network to join NYIIX or LAIIX and publicly peer with Verizon Digital Media Services,” added Akio Sugeno, VP of Internet engineering, operations and business development.

Verizon Digital Media Services is part of AOL, focused on enabling content creators, publishers, broadcasters and enterprises to deliver their content to audiences anytime, anywhere, on any device.