TelePacific Rolls Enhanced Ethernet for 100 Mbps over Copper

TelePacific Communications has bumped up its copper transmission speeds for business connectivity by threefold, thanks to a new technology that delivers symmetrical bandwidth at speeds up to 100 Mbps over copper lines. That’s good news for the company’s wholesale and channel partners, and the small to medium-sized businesses that they serve: Ethernet-based broadband services are less expensive and faster to provision than solutions involving third-party fiber.

The new platform, dubbed Enhanced Ethernet over Copper (EEoC), is available from all 234 of TelePacific’s EoC-enabled local serving offices (LSOs) in California and Nevada, reaching about 223,000 SMBs, the company said.

TelePacific’s Enhanced EoC also substantially extends the distance over which equivalent bandwidth can be provided to customers who might otherwise require more expensive Ethernet over 3rd Party Fiber (Eo3PV) or DS-3 circuits: it eliminates the need for most third-party fiber within a mile of the LSO, TelePacific said.

“Ethernet is becoming the preferred access and transport technology for businesses relying on data-intensive applications and we intend to be the Ethernet provider of choice in all the markets we serve,” says Dick Jalkut, president and CEO at TelePacific. “Our investments in Ethernet technology and related deployments underscore that commitment and effectively provide customers with more affordable high-speed bandwidth alternatives heretofore unavailable to them.”

EoC combines multiple copper pairs in the same conduit to provide a single circuit capable of supporting bandwidth-demanding voice and data services, including MPLS and VPLS VPN, Ethernet Private Line, SIP trunking and Internet access.