Telia Taps ServiceNow to Transform Service

ServiceNow announced that Telia Company, a multinational telecommunications company and mobile network operator, will standardize its service operations on the Now Platform.

Telia Company, a leading operator in the Nordic and Baltics, is expanding its work with ServiceNow to create workflows that streamline service management processes and enable proactive customer service.

More than ever, people rely on their service providers for reliable, fast internet to stay connected to the world. To maintain services, build trust, and rise above the competition, Telia’s work with ServiceNow helps to deliver better experiences for customers and employees, while reducing costs.

“The pandemic has accentuated the importance of our secure, reliable, and efficient networks and operations to our customers and the societies we are serving,” said Rainer Deutschmann, Group COO, Telia Company. “In our innovation partnership with ServiceNow we will push the boundaries of service management. Our expanded collaboration with ServiceNow is an integral part of our transformation journey, where we embrace intelligent automation to deliver even better customer experiences, operational excellence, resilience, and efficiency to the benefit of our consumer and enterprise customers across all our markets.”

With ServiceNow Telecommunications Service Management and Telecommunications Network Performance Management, Telia is able to drive efficiencies across its incident management and service management capabilities while improving communications among customers, care agents and operations teams.

For example, any issue on Telia’s network will be sent automatically from the Network Operations Center to the Now Platform, where the issue will be assessed for priority and its impact on customers, and workflows will notify customers proactively and help teams to remediate the problem at hand. Telia will be able to resolve and restore normal service operations across services when network-initiated incidents occur, while at the same time identifying and notifying customers impacted by the incident more efficiently.

It’s critical to leverage data and analytics for fast issue resolution. The Now Platform offers enablers such as intelligent automation, where high efficiency can be achieved. Together with Telia’s transformation initiatives, the Now Platform will enable a more proactive way of monitoring services with the aim to increase customer experiences.