Telinta Adds MMS to Brandable Mobile Softphone

Telinta, a leader in white-label cloud-based switching and billing solutions for VoIP service providers, announced it has enhanced its brandable Mobile Softphone solution to support MMS (multimedia messaging service) from select providers.

Telinta customers wishing to offer MMS can use MMS-enabled DIDs from Endstream and VI Communication Services with TeliGlobe. Any DID provider may be used for voice calling with TeliGlobe, or any of Telinta’s white label solutions for service providers. MMS, SMS, and free on-net messaging are available viaTelinta’s brandable and non-brandable Mobile Softphone options.

TeliGlobe is a brandable Mobile Softphone app for Android and Apple iOS mobile devices. The app is part of Telinta’s cloud-based solution for mobile VoIP and is available for free download by end users in iTunes and Google Play. TeliGlobe offers an affordable way for ITSPs and VoIP service providers to offer brandable “Over the Top” (OTT) mobile calling, with a cost-effective pay-as-you-go monthly fee. TeliGlobe includes a variety of customizable options to fit customer needs.

With TeliGlobe, VoIP service providers can opt to customize their Mobile Softphone app with their own brand name, logo, promotional text, a rate calculator, a “contact us” option, and the ability for users to “invite friends and family” to also sign up for service, helping the Telinta customer’s business to grow.

TeliGlobe includes:

  • Online sign-up for end users
  • Automatic configuration with user login or QR code
  • Maximize battery life with push notifications
  • Voice and video calling, with call recording
  • MMS, SMS and free on-net messaging
  • Free peer-to-peer calling
  • Prepaid balance indicator and balance replenishment
  • Speed dial, call transfers, three-way calling, call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail
  • Address book integration
  • Ring tone selections
  • Number re-writing for easy dialing
  • Multiple languages

Endstream and VI Communications (and other DID providers) are integrated via API with Telinta’s cloud-based platform, streamlining the process of purchasing DIDs.

Telinta’s trademarked TeliCore softswitch platform integrates switching, billing and customer management to offer solutions for VoIP service providers.

Telinta customers may qualify for a special promotion from Endstream and VI Communications when they sign up for new service.

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