tw telecom Launches eLynk to Connect Enterprises to the Amazon Cloud

tw telecom inc. has launched the eLynk Express service, to enable enterprises to securely connect to their Amazon-hosted clouds across a single physical port, hosted by tw telecom.

tw telecom and its channel partners are offering customers connections to their Amazon Web Services Direct Connect 1G, 10G and hosted connections, with speed options starting at 2Mbps. tw telecom also manages connectivity options with eLynk Express and builds the interconnection between the enterprise edge and Amazon EC2 instances on the customer’s behalf.

tw telecom’s intelligent network capabilities also allow dynamic network connectivity that can automatically flex as bandwidth requirements change within the AWS environment.

tw telecom’s  Dynamic Capacity functionality, an automatic dedicated Ethernet bandwidth-on-demand service, flexes bandwidth up or down through user controls or thresholds set by the customer, so that if the network senses when congestion is present, it can adjust to that event.   Enterprises have the capability to pre-set bandwidth utilization thresholds, without human intervention, that automatically doubles or triples network business Ethernet bandwidth when reached.

“Customers with eLynk Express have a more efficient way to access the AWS cloud,” said Graham Taylor, senior vice president marketing at tw telecom. “CIOs tell us many of their applications require a higher level of dedicated connectivity than what the Internet can provide. As they continue to rapidly adopt the cloud, our integration of the AWS network with our unique intelligent network capabilities, delivers the resilient, secure, scalable, and predictable network connections they need.   The result is that tw telecom seamlessly manages the connection for the customer so they can focus on improving their business performance.”

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