Vartopia Enhances Deal Registration Platform

Vartopia announced its new 4.0 platform powering the company’s Deal Registration Network. Currently more than 100 technology resellers leverage the Network to increase profitability by maximizing their deal registration participation within top IT vendor’s programs.

The Deal Registration Network reduces the operational complexity when resellers register their associated deals with IT vendors, says the company. The Network offers a single interface used to submit, manage and measure deal registrations for all IT vendors connected to the Network. To date, Vartopia’s Network has processed more than 175,000 deal registrations worth more than $26.5 billion in total opportunity value.

“Most reseller executives aren’t aware of how much gross profit is being left on the table,” said Michael Reilly, CEO, Vartopia. “They typically have a misperception that their sales organization is registering all appropriate opportunities to take full advantage of deal registration programs — when the reality is quite different due to the inherent complexities associated with the process.”

Vartopia’s Deal Registration Network addresses this issue by simplifying the entire process into one consolidated platform with full tracking and reporting abilities, says Reilly.

In addition, Vartopia also addresses these complexities by offering several different user interface options that make it easy to access the Network. Options available include a Web-based application or separate modules that integrate directly into common CRM systems used by resellers today.

“We were already headed toward a deal registration best practice, and Vartopia came along,” said John Cook, Director RFP Response Team at Core BTS, Inc. “Vartopia has really allowed us to accelerate our deal registration process and execute much faster.

“We’re able to do more registrations; close more deals and make more margin. We’ve got deal registration religion,” Cook continued. “Now, reps can hardly wait to submit deal registrations. Our process and Vartopia technology have allowed us to drive proper behavior and increase monthly deal registrations by more than 20 percent.”

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