Viirtue Joins Forces with AppDirect to Revolutionize B2B Subscription Commerce, Expand Global Reach

Viirtue, a voice and UCaas provider, announced a strategic partnership with AppDirect, a B2B subscription commerce platform company. This collaboration is set to unlock new horizons for businesses across the United States while advancing the availability of Viirtue’s white-label VoIP solutions to an even broader audience.

AppDirect, headquartered in San Francisco, has long been a force in the B2B subscription commerce arena, renowned for seamlessly connecting technology providers, advisors and businesses. With a vast network comprising over 1,000 providers, 10,000 advisors, and five million subscribers, AppDirect is a trusted partner in simplifying the process of buying, selling and managing technology.

In contrast, Viirtue’s ViiBE platform has redefined business communications, empowering MSPs, Agents, VARs, ITSPs and telcos to become digital business communications providers. Viirtue enables businesses to communicate seamlessly in today’s digital age.

Speaking on the partnership, Dan Rosenrauch, CEO of Viirtue, stated, “This alliance with AppDirect is not just a partnership; it’s a step into the future of B2B commerce. We’re excited to blend our expertise in business communications with AppDirect’s robust partner community. Together, we’re poised to offer solutions that are sleek, polished, and truly transformative.”

Christopher Shubert, VP of Channel Sales at AppDirect, echoed these sentiments, noting, “We are thrilled to welcome Viirtue to the AppDirect catalog, bringing a white-label VoIP option to our global channel. Viirtue’s innovative offering will empower AppDirect’s channel partners and MSP’s to deliver top-notch telecommunications solutions to our customers. We’re excited about the opportunities this collaboration brings.”

The collaboration is expected to yield a suite of new solutions, products and services that will empower businesses, streamline operations and foster innovation. Both companies are committed to a shared vision of elevating the B2B subscription commerce experience, ensuring that businesses have the tools, resources, and support that they need to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

For more information on this partnership, or to schedule an interview, please contact Eric Brooker, CMO at Viirtue, Inc..