Vocal IP Networx to Launch Customer Up-Selling Tool for Partners

Vocal IP Networx, which offers phone systems and a disaster recovery platform, has launched a customer up-selling tool for its channel partners.

The tool will provide real-time business insights into the lives and businesses of partners’ customers. By leveraging its business intelligence platform, Vocal IP Networx tracks potential weather disasters, server failures, address changes, new head count and other important events, to create a customer management and sales resource for Vocal IP partners.

“Growing your customer base is only half as efficient as growing your existing customers,” said Justin Chugg, vice president of business development for Vocal IP Networx. “Our goal is to empower Vocal IP partners with the intelligence to up-sell, strengthen and maintain their existing client base.”

The Vocal IP customer management tool tracks both existing Vocal IP Networx customers and non Vocal IP Networx customers. It can be accessed via the company’s partner portal.

“If you are not proactively tracking your clients, someone else is” added Irena Reznik, CFO at Vocal IP Networx. “The telecom IT convergence has created an opportunity for a life-long customer relationship and revenue stream. Proactive management of your customer base will help safeguard your relationships and future income.”

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