Vodafone,Google Cloud to Develop Global Data Platform

Vodafone and Google Cloud announced a six-year strategic partnership to drive the use of reliable and secure data analytics, insights and learnings to support the introduction of new digital products and services for Vodafone customers simultaneously worldwide.

In an expansion of their existing agreement, Vodafone and Google Cloud will build a powerful integrated data platform with the added capability of processing and moving huge volumes of data globally from multiple systems into the cloud.

The platform, called Nucleus, will house a new system – Dynamo – that will drive data throughout Vodafone to enable it to offer its customers new, personalized products and services across multiple markets. Dynamo will allow Vodafone to tailor new connectivity services for homes and businesses through the release of smart network features, such as providing a sudden broadband speed boost.

Capable of processing around 50 terabytes of data per day, equivalent to 25,000 hours of HD film, Nucleus and Dynamo, are being built in-house by Vodafone and Google Cloud specialist teams. Up to 1,000 employees of both companies located in Spain, the United Kingdome, and the United States are collaborating on the project.

By generating more detailed insight and data-driven analysis across the organization and with its partners, Vodafone customers can have a better and more enriched experience. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Enhancing Vodafone’s mobile, fixed and TV content and connectivity services through the instantaneous availability of highly personalized rewards, content and applications.
  • Increasing the number of smart network services in its Google Cloud footprint from eight markets to the entire Vodafone footprint.
  • Empowering data scientists to collaborate on key environmental and health issues in 11 countries using automated machine learning tools.
  • Providing a complete digital replica of many of Vodafone’s internal support functions using artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. \\

In addition, Vodafone will re-platform its entire SAP environment to Google Cloud, including the migration of its core SAP workloads and key corporate SAP modules such as SAP Central Finance.