Vonage Expands SD-WAN to SMBs

Vonage has expanded its SD-WAN solution, SmartWAN, to be available to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) using the company’s over-the-top solutions via public broadband connections.

First launched in 2015 to enterprise customers, Vonage’s SmartWAN actively monitors the quality of broadband  connections and dynamically routes voice and messaging traffic for consistent Quality of Service and reliability, to support voice and unified communications

“By simplifying and improving redundancy across locations, the addition of SmartWAN to a company’s cloud-based solutions offers Quality of Service and streamlines a unified communications system to ensure businesses are able to keep their offices connected and running smoothly,” said Sanjay Srinivasan, chief technology architect for Vonage. “As adoption of cloud communications continues to increase both for established businesses and digital natives alike, extending the benefit of SmartWAN to our SMB customers is a natural next step in our commitment to driving better business outcomes for all of our customers.”

Vonage noted that nearly 40 percent of its deployments include SDWAN service.