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    Voxox’s consumer service wasn’t free. Consumers bought credit up front and were then billed per minute from their credit. Voxox’s consumer service was a prepaid service. By the time Voxox killed it’s once great consumer prepaid service, it had become buggy and unreliable, and the awesome features it once had, desktop apps, faxing, and configuring caller ID numbers, were gone.

    Thirty days prior to killing its consumer prepaid service, Voxox sent a message with a link to an, “Important Announcement.” The link didn’t work and the Voxox login page was gone. Users that didn’t know about the separate blog googled their way there to find out that in thirty days, the service would just end. There was no prevision for refunds of prepurchased credit, or migrating to the new service, mentioned by Voxox.

    One blog participant who claimed to have no affiliation with Voxox somehow managed to have all the official answers to questions. He somehow produced a PDF sheet that claimed users could migrate to the new service for a discount. Some of us tried this, but thee was no provision for existing users to sign up online and get the discount. When a method to do this was provided in the blog, there was still no provision for migrating an existing Voxox number.

    The more vocal irate sustomers finally did get a refund of existing credit by leaving comments on the company’s Important Announcement website page. Personally, I finally did get a refund and ported my Voxox number to another VOIP provider.


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