WEBCON BPS 2022 Accelerates Process Transformation

WEBCON, a low-code platform provider for building and managing business process solutions, announced WEBCON BPS 2022. The latest version of this low-code automation platform incorporates a range of enhancements designed to meet the tactical needs of IT and business teams struggling with the increasing volume and velocity of process transformation in modern enterprises.

The improved functionality includes reusable, self-contained automation flows, improved application prototyping, assignable and granular user substitutions and more.

WEBCON BPS 2022 includes a range of improvements across prototyping, repeatability, workflow, business rules, forms handling, reporting, user management and other areas. The changes are designed to allow enterprises to blend business needs and IT requirements better for accelerated process automation and transformation.

New and enhanced functionality includes:

  • Automations – these self-contained tactical workflows offer the reusability, nesting, branching and error-handling needed to assemble larger strategic processes.
  • Enhanced Designer Desk – an extended solution for business users, analysts and IT to work together to create prototype automation applications.
  • Improved User Substitutions – granular assignment of task, process and application permissions that fits the way organizations handle a shifting workforce.
  • Forms – additional field controls, new configuration options and improved attachment handling, as well as improved form design, management and data connectivity.

WEBCON BPS is used by organizations such as Pratt & Whitney, Siemens Finance, Mitsubishi Electric, Diners Club, TRW and others to automate critical business processes. Businesses rely on the low-code solution to accelerate digital transformation, coordinate process automation between business and IT teams and to create an agile platform for iterative application development.

Details on the latest version of WEBCON BPS are available here. Systems integrators and managed service providers interested in working with WEBCON for automating customer processes can learn more by visiting https://webcon.com/become-our-partner/.