WebSite Source Expands with New Jersey Data Center Migration

As part of its continued expansion of the WebSite Source (WSS) business unit, 1stPoint Communications has begun migrating client hosting systems into Open Data Centers’ Piscataway, N.J. data center.

WebSite Source provides virtual private servers, cloud systems, domain name registration and e-commerce services to its hosting customers. It operates systems in a data center facility located in Dublin, Ohio.

“By operating systems in more than one data center facility, WSS will be able to offer fully redundant hosting solutions to its clients,” said Kristen Vasicek, director of marketing for 1stPoint Communications. Vasicek is jointly responsible for product development for the WSS business unit.

The Open Data Center’s Piscataway facility has a 2N electrical and mechanical design. More than half of the infrastructure of the facility can fail and the critical systems within the facility would be completely unaffected.

As part of the migration WSS is deploying a new fleet of servers and network equipment, expanding its capacity by over 1,000 percent.

“Our strategic vision for the business unit necessitates the expansion of our network and our systems,” said Erik Levitt, 1stPoint’s CEO. “We are committing capital and resources to enhance the underlying infrastructure and build a best-of-breed environment that will complement the new services we intend to offer to our clients.”

1stPoint acquired WebSite Source in June, 2016 and has since expanded its virtual private server and cloud offerings, advanced managed storage solutions and integration with a number of software providers for backup and recovery.

“We are very excited about the deployment of new services that will integrate our advanced messaging products,” added Vasicek. “We anticipate the release of those services in the first quarter of 2017. They will continue to advance 1stPoint’s position as a leader in developing the new paradigm for infrastructure deployment throughout the next decade.”

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