Wilcon Launches Private Fiber Ring for KeyInfo in LA

 Key Information Systems, Inc. (KeyInfo) has announced the launch of its dedicated fiber ring built in partnership with Wilcon, the West Coast provider of private fiber optic networks.

The KeyInfo fiber ring brings high-speed, private connectivity to businesses in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Because of its characteristic high security, fiber is an ideal choice for industries with highly regulated or sensitive data requirements. Organizations in the healthcare, financial, retail and government verticals can depend on fiber’s absolute physical layer security to protect the data in transit.

The KeyInfo fiber ring extends from Agoura Hills to Simi Valley to downtown Los Angeles to El Segundo, and back to Agoura Hills. It provides a private, high-speed connectivity link for KeyInfo’s customers. The ring also connects to KeyInfo’s Tier 3 data center in Agoura Hills, Calif., as well as Wilcon’s extended, 3,000-mile fiber network, which runs throughout Southern California from north of Los Angeles to San Diego.

“The KeyInfo fiber ring provides a superior connectivity alternative to businesses in Los Angeles and Ventura counties,” said Lief Morin, president, KeyInfo. “By leveraging our carrier-grade, Tier 3 data center, our fiber ring will support businesses that need the speed, privacy and scalability that fiber offers in the network. We contracted with Wilcon as our trusted transport provider because of the company’s stellar reputation with fiber in the Southern California region.”

The capacity of the network is virtually unlimited and supports a flat cost structure regardless of network traffic, which allows for a reliable and predictable pricing model. Companies can plan for future investments and understand the cost implications well in advance without any surprises.

“With the KeyInfo fiber ring, enterprises in Southern California can future-proof their businesses, eliminating the worry of running out of bandwidth or incurring runaway network costs,” said Jon A. DeLuca, CEO at Wilcon. “Our partnership with KeyInfo ensures that companies in Los Angeles County have the benefit of fiber to power their businesses.”


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