Wind River, Vodafone Partner on Open RAN Deployment Milestone

Wind River a provider of software for mission-critical intelligent systems, announced that Wind River Studio is being used by Vodafone for its Open RAN deployment across Wales and South West England. With this deployment, Vodafone is replacing traditional, legacy technology and installing Open RAN equipment for 2,500 sites.

“Vodafone has been a leader in Open RAN from the start. With this new milestone, Wind River is proud to collaborate with Vodafone and major ecosystem partners to advance the evolution of Open RAN. Wind River Studio delivers cloud-native solutions that enable the high-scale deployment of next-generation network infrastructure for service providers worldwide,” said Paul Miller, chief technology officer of Wind River.

“Open RAN can provide much-needed diversity to the telecommunications supply chain and accelerate the pace of innovation. To successfully meet the complex challenges of a changing telecom landscape, it is important to work with technology partners such as Wind River, who can deliver proven solutions to help us move the industry forward,” added James Grayling, head of Open RAN Product Integration for Vodafone.

Through comprehensive trials and multiple deployments across Europe, the Vodafone program’s key performance indicators (KPIs) demonstrate the performance of Open RAN matches or exceeds that of traditional, legacy equipment.

In addition to its ongoing work with Vodafone, Wind River plays key roles in supporting the world’s first successful 5G data session, building commercial vRAN/Open RAN programs, and launching an automated edge data center for commercial service.

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