Accelecom Solution to Speed up Businesses Partnerships

Accelecom, a next-generation communication solutions provider, announced the launch of its voice solutions offering called Accelecom VoiceCloud Services, which can change the way businesses connect and collaborate.

Accelecom’s voice solutions offering combines scalability, flexibility, reliability and mobility for business through its features and support capabilities. Accelecom VoiceCloud Services enhances the existing suite of high-speed broadband network solutions to empower business efficiency and expand collaboration.

“In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective communication is paramount. Accelecom’s VoiceCloud Services caters to a wide spectrum of industries, from education, government, healthcare providers and general businesses with employees ranging from 10 to 500-plus”, said Kim Epley, chief commercial officer at Accelecom. “The collection of advanced solutions is designed to address the unique communication needs of every sector, in every community, providing seamless connectivity and business continuity with hosted cloud infrastructure.”

Accelecom VP and Head of Product Nitin Krishna added, “Our customers will experience seamless communication that adapts to their evolving needs. With Accelecom VoiceCloud Services, businesses can transform the way they connect and collaborate.”

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