WISP Market Snapshot: New Markets Drive Outside Plant Investment

Wireless ISPs are finding new growth opportunities as additional markets like multi-dwelling units and in business services—and they’re adding to their footprints, according to gear-maker DBB Unlimited.

Although it makes a range of gear for WISPs, DDB Unlimited particularly has been aiming its OD-30 DXC outdoor enclosure for the wireless ISP market. It has its own separate battery box and AC unit, and is designed to accommodate the weather protection of the WISP’s choice. It’s available in NEMA 3R, 4 or 4X configurations. The additional sun roof provides solar protection with a large overhang roof design. A versatile strut system allows WISPs to position the racking rails at any depth desired within the enclosure, and they can padlock the front and rear door handles, which have a three-point locking system. The OD series enclosures are available in various heights and depths, and they are available in dual and triple bay versions as well.

“When they look at the enclosure—they get excited,” said Leonard Foster, national accounts sales manager at the company. “WISPs are on very limited budgets, and you’ll see them using marine batteries or car batteries to power an enclosure. We offer them a battery that’s attainable on their budget and which comes with a system to charge that—as opposed to using a car battery and having to switch it out twice or three times a year.”

Foster said that products like this are allowing WISPs to grow cost-effectively. “I see this market growing yearly, and people are trying to branch out on their network,” he said. “Everyone needs more broadband speed and more bandwidth and more network.”

He added, “WISPs trying to infiltrate the business and commercial markets now and give those companies a way to move away from the T1 line at a cheaper price than the alternatives. And it’s working. So I think this market is only going to get bigger as technology moves forward and WISPs can operate at a lower cost, because they are just as effective and reliable as the incumbent network players.”

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