XO to Provide Connectivity for Big Data Storage

XO Communications has announced that it has collaborated with Cleversafe to power a national dispersed storage network (dsNet) for limitless big data storage.

XO provides IP connectivity for Cleversafe, facilitating the demo solution that customers use to evaluate the Cleversafe approach to data storage. The need for data storage has grown exponentially, requiring that businesses adopt an object-storage strategy to accommodate their data requirements of scale, security and efficiency.

Cleversafe helps customers preserve their digital content and derive value from the archive of those digital assets across the national dsNet. Business leaders with big data storage needs can leverage Cleversafe technology to store, protect, analyze and distribute big data archives. Cleversafe customers have demanding data requirements and desire to test drive the Cleversafe technology for a first-hand experience before purchasing.

“Cleversafe’s approach to data storage addresses the challenges of handling and managing big data. We utilize a dispersed object storage approach that efficiently stores billions of data objects in a single name space across multiple sites, allowing for the cost-effective storage of critical digital content and imaging at the petabyte level and beyond,” said Russ Kennedy, vice president of product strategy, marketing and customer solutions for Cleversafe. “We elected to power the Cleversafe big data test drive solution with XO Communications IP connectivity because of the power and flexibility of the XO national, dispersed data network,” he added.

“With powerful, high-performance 100G optical technology, XO Communications drives some of the fastest data speeds commercially available,” said Ernie Ortega, executive vice president of sales and marketing for XO. “With the XO network, Cleversafe customers have the capacity, speed and technology necessary to handle massive amounts of data, smoothly and efficiently.”

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