Zeet Joins Vultr’s Cloud Alliance

Vultr, a privately-held cloud computing company, announced Zeet is the latest ecosystem partner to join its Cloud Alliance. Zeet is an integrated DevOps and deployment product for DevOps, SRE and software development teams.

Integrated with Vultr composable cloud infrastructure, Zeet provides site reliability engineering (SRE) and DevOps services empowering developer and engineering teams to spin up high-performance cloud compute instances and services.

Teams can manage infrastructure and services and coordinate deployments using the latest cloud-native technologies such as Kubernetes, serverless, Terraform, Docker and Helm. SRE and DevOps teams can create reusable infrastructure components that application developers can deploy in a self-serve way.

Zeet joins Cloud Alliance partners Cloud 66, Backblaze, Domino Data Lab, and Console Connect, along with an ecosystem of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers, to provide composable cloud services to enterprises and startups.

“The Zeet-Vultr partnership tackles cloud deployment challenges head-on,” said Johnny Dallas, founder and CEO of Zeet. “Our simplified interface enables DevOps, SRE, and development teams to unleash their cloud potential with global deployment that takes under 60 seconds, eliminating the learning curve and errors in cloud engineering. By seamlessly integrating with Vultr composable infrastructure, our platform provides efficient infrastructure management in any cloud-native environment.”

Vultr and Zeet streamline development and infrastructure management, slashing setup time. The integrated joint solutions cater to various use cases, including AI and machine learning (ML), serverless, and containerized architecture.

Zeet simplifies infrastructure management, offers hardware resources, enables efficient scaling, optimizes costs, and facilitates ML model deployment across multiple cloud providers.

With Zeet’s Docker and Kubernetes Manifest Blueprints, containerized services get created in seconds.

Vultr’s options, available from within the Zeet dashboard, and Zeet’s API-driven configuration ensure seamless integration into any environment. The solution’s user-friendly control panels and monitoring dashboards simplify cloud management and enhance application observability allowing businesses to focus on growth.

Vultr and Zeet combine high-performing cloud infrastructure with an all-in-one automated DevOps platform that gives startups and growing enterprises the autonomy to build and deploy enterprise-grade solutions quickly and cost-effectively, as well as:

  • Framework, language, deployment runtime, and infrastructure options – Zeet’s deployment platform supports the creation of reusable infrastructure components that application developers can deploy in a self-serve way, supporting legacy, bleeding edge or infrastructure as code tooling. Vultr enables on-demand composition cloud infrastructure to scale up or down for workflows and applications.
  • Managed development platform and cloud infrastructure – With Vultr and Zeet, users can skip complex configuration setups. Zeet is pre-configured as a ready-to-go internal developer platform (IDP). Vultr allows instant instance creation with one click.
  • High-performance computing available everywhere – With availability across multiple regions worldwide, with local accessibility for developer teams in 32 Vultr cloud data center locations across six continents, businesses can ensure data residency compliance and benefit from low-latency edge computing.

For more information on the Vultr Cloud Alliance, visit: here