Extra Space Storage Reduces Costs with MetTel’s POTS Transformation

MetTel announces that Extra Space Storage has selected its POTS Transformation solution to digitize the large national storage space provider’s telephone landlines. The initiative will enable Extra Space to preserve its existing infrastructure of landline-dependent equipment while avoiding significant capital investment to improve network intelligence and resiliency nationwide.

Extra Space Storage – with 2,327 locations in 41 states – continually seeks opportunities for growth and innovation. In the past five years, it has invested $4.6 billion in acquisitions, expanding its portfolio.

However, acquisitions often result in additional overhead costs, including the integration of diverse and incompatible telecommunications infrastructure.

To address this challenge, Extra Space Storage chose to implement MetTel’s POTS Transformation solution at its locations. Plain old telephone service (POTS) lines, the century-old technology used for analog phone lines and critical specialty lines, are being phased out by carriers. With approximately 41 million POTS lines remaining in use in the United States., businesses are adapting to ensure uninterrupted service.

With voice replacement options, conversion typically requires a significant investment in equipment.

MetTel’s POTS Transformation solution provides a fully managed service that transitions analog phone lines to a digital platform, offering plug-and-play connectivity without requiring the capital expenditure to replace dependent equipment. By eliminating unsupported copper wires, Extra Space Storage also gains cost savings and enhanced feature sets not available with traditional telephone service, including real-time monitoring, advanced call functionality, in-depth status and usage reporting, and simplified billing.

MetTel worked with Elite Telecom Solutions to implement the POTS Transformation project for Extra Space Storage, ensuring a seamless transition from legacy telephone lines.

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