Zylo Launches Managed Services to Help Establish SaaS Management Practices

Zylo, an enterprise SaaS management platform, announced the launch of Zylo Managed Services.

With Zylo Managed Services, organizations get access to expert consultants that can establish best-in-class SaaS management processes to free up companies’ IT and procurement resources.

Zylo’s consultants leverage the company’s SaaS Management platform to build and maintain a system of record as well as negotiate SaaS agreements on behalf of customers.

“SaaS Management has emerged as a critical business need. Yet, most organizations don’t have the resources or expertise to do it all,” said Eric Christopher, co-founder and CEO of Zylo. “With our Managed Services offerings, we’re leveraging our SaaS expertise to support customers in new ways, enabling them to get the most out of our technology and drive best-in-class SaaS Management and ROI within their organizations.”

Zylo Managed Services are available through Zylo and a select group of consulting partners. Zylo offers two Managed Services packages:

  • Zylo SaaS Manager, which provides expert SaaS management consultants to build and maintain internal business processes and systems of record for companies’ SaaS solutions.
  • Zylo SaaS Negotiator, which provides an expert SaaS Negotiator to outsource your SaaS contract and commercial negotiations.

Zylo first piloted these offerings with customers at the beginning of 2021 and has gained a significant roster of customers reporting up to eight times return on investment from using the company’s combined service and software offering.

To learn more about Zylo, visit https://zylo.com/.