11 Alliance Partners Members Ready Agent Portals

The Alliance Partners, formerly the Agent Alliance, has announced that 11 of its members have launched or will soon launch Alliance Engage portals, powered by Convey Services, to connect telecom and IT providers with their agent networks.

Comtel Communications, Global Systems Telecom, Fostar, Cloud Taskforce, Selectel and CarrierSales have joined currentAlliance participants Telegration, ARG and the eXemplify Group by launching Alliance Engage portals for their sales partners to access provider content, training, promotions and events. AVANT and Microcorp plan to launch portals later this year.

“Providers can now connect with our members, their agents and direct sales teams from a single, online location, making it easier for them to consume information,” said Bill Power, Alliance Partners CEO. “Through our unique Member-to-Member Commerce (M2MC) program, we offer Alliance members access to more than 350 top tier telecom and IT solution providers from around the world. The M2MC initiative allows participants to take advantage of direct relationships that other participating members hold within their individual portfolios. This increased provider visibility within our member-base creates access and efficiently, drives additional revenue and brings in deals that could otherwise be lost.”

Alliance Engage provides a central destination for content, training, promotions and events that engage and inform sales partners,” added Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Convey Services. “We’ve had great response from carriers and providers who pay a small annual subscription to belong to Alliance Engage. Provider’s online catalogs become eligible to appear on any Alliancemember site, plus they can advertise and offer direct promotions for their products and services.”

The Alliance Partners recently launched the Alliance Knowledgebase so that members can view and track telecom carrier and communication providers who maintain contracts with any of the 16 members of the Alliance. Alliance Engage allows members to view contract status for each provider to expedite securing deals and educating agents on obtaining services.