A Bright Side to Shadow IT

Rogue IT has received its fair share of bashing, as IT departments often see it as a threat to security and compliance and a challenge to manage. But, it’s starting to be seen in a new light. According to a new study by non-profit IT trade association CompTIA, rogue IT may be sparking closer collaboration among business and IT teams.

CompTIA’s study found that 59% of business teams initiate technology projects with the internal IT department, suggesting that the complete side-stepping of IT has gone down. Even if the business side makes the final decision, they still like to keep IT involved, says CompTIA.

As a result of this collaboration, business and IT are becoming better partners, suggest the study. According to the study, 52% of companies believe there is a good relationship between the IT function and all business teams. And for as much technical savvy business teams may have, they are still not as well versed as the IT department.