Accelecom Boosts Fiber Connectivity to Jasper Memorial Hospital

Accelecom, a provider of next-gen communication solutions, has expanded its fiber services to Jasper Memorial Hospital in Monticello, Ga. This development brings high-speed internet and cutting-edge voice services to Jasper Memorial Hospital, reinforcing its commitment to exceptional connectivity.

“Bringing our high-speed internet and voice services to Jasper Memorial Hospital is a source of immense excitement for us,” said Erik Mattson, VP of Healthcare Sales for Accelecom. “By providing our advanced solutions, we aim to empower Jasper Memorial Hospital and enhance their communication capabilities, enabling them to thrive in the digital era.”

With Accelecom’s scalable and secure technology, including high-speed internet and voice services, Jasper Memorial Hospital aims to elevate patient care standards.

Brian Wood, IT Director, said the importance of critical care services within the community and highlighted the need for a trusted and reliable partner. “Our partnership with Accelecom will facilitate seamless communication and enable consulting physicians to efficiently share imaging and other vital patient information, ultimately enhancing the quality of care and medical outcomes,” said Wood.

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