Accenture Expands FusionX Cyber-Response Portfolio

Accenture has expanded its incident response capabilities and global services  through FusionX, part of Accenture Security.

“Our new FusionX incident response services offer a truly unique cyber capability to our clients. From a technical perspective, approaching security incident response through the eyes of an attacker helps us better understand the threat and more effectively respond to it,” said Kelly Bissell, senior managing director, Accenture Security. “On the business side, Accenture’s broad experience analyzing the typical vulnerabilities organizations face, the threat actors that are likely to target them and what the impact of a breach is likely to be means that we are able to better protect our clients’ critical assets today and in the future.”

The expansion includes:

  • Emergency Incident Response – A specialized team is quickly brought in to assess the situation and respond to the incident by evaluating the scope of the breach and providing recommendations for remediation.
  • Continuous Incident Response Services – Incident response readiness is provided to prepare and respond as needed, including remote assistance via the FusionX global, 24/7 operations center.

“Incident response is a problem for which no silver bullet exists. We are faced by a growing number of threat actors, each with their own unique techniques, means and objectives, and each requiring yet another unique approach of defense,” said Tom Parker, CTO, FusionX and managing director, Accenture Security. “We’ve built our incident response services to directly address this challenge by knowing the enemy and continually innovating and evolving, just like our cyber-adversaries.”

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