Accenture Helps Rakuten Mobile Launch Fully Virtualized Cloud-native Mobile Network

In a bid to reinvent how the network is built and operated, Rakuten Mobile enlisted the help of Accenture to design a new organization and business model to support the launch of its fully virtualized mobile network. In addition to providing overall project management, Accenture also developed new operations engineering capabilities to help Rakuten Mobile better monitor and manage the performance and architectural integrity of the network.

Since its full-scale commercial launch in Japan in April, Rakuten Mobile’s cloud-native mobile network has handled a 2.5 times higher level of data traffic consumed by its subscribers when compared with a typical operator, despite the impact of COVID-19.

Accenture also:

  • Helped design Rakuten Mobile’s Service Experience Center
  • Supported the development and integration of Rakuten Mobile’s Network Operating System (RNOS)
  • Is helping Rakuten Mobile increase the efficiency of its operations workforce