AHEAD Acquires MBX Systems

AHEAD, a provider of enterprise cloud and digital business platforms has acquired MBX Systems, an advanced integrator of custom hardware systems and supplier of global logistics and supply chain orchestration software.

The acquisition bolsters the business impact that AHEAD brings to its enterprise clients by adding custom-engineered platforms, deeper capabilities in edge infrastructure solutions and a proprietary software platform, known as Hatch, that enables enterprise clients and OEM partners to manage the full lifecycle of their IT assets.

“With the addition of MBX, we will provide the custom solutions our clients require to fulfill their expanding needs for edge and hyperscale solutions,” said Eric Kaplan, CTO at AHEAD. “Not only will we engineer and build these systems for our clients, but with the addition of Hatch, offer them the ability to optimize the product lifecycle along with full support for global logistics and asset management.”

Based outside Chicago, MBX Systems has revolutionized how companies bring their software to market on connected devices, with end-to-end support spanning product design, manufacturing, global logistics and ongoing lifecycle management.

In joining forces, the two firms will help enterprise clients accelerate business impact by delivering advanced infrastructure and edge solutions across environments such as clinical care, health and safety, oil and gas and digital business infrastructure.

The union also will help clients streamline the global distribution of those products. MBX operates a 120,000-square-foot integration and logistics center outside Chicago.

To enhance these logistics capabilities, MBX developed a software platform, Hatch, for product lifecycle management, asset management and supply chain orchestration. Through a single pane, clients manage orders, monitor inventory levels and shipping status, and remediate supply chain disruptions — in the process, transforming how their hardware teams work.

“We are reshaping the customer experience, utilizing Hatch’s innovative capabilities to provide customers an unmatched level of operational transparency and direct access to real-time information. Our objective is to weave this transparency into a flawless customer journey, commencing from the design of new products through to the final stage of delivery,” said Chris Tucker, CEO of MBX Systems.

“We can’t wait to integrate these capabilities with the AHEAD platform, where the added scale and reach will empower us to serve an even greater number of clients,” Tucker added.

Tucker and his leadership team will play integral roles within AHEAD, reporting to Kaplan, who leads the solutions portfolio at the company. Together they’ll extend MBX services across the AHEAD client base and infuse MBX’s advanced engineering capabilities into AHEAD’s broad portfolio of infrastructure, automation, data analytics, software development, security and managed services.

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