AirPatrol Offers Dynamic Security Policy Support for Mobile Devices

AirPatrol is offering a new add-in for its ZoneDefense 5 mobile device security platform that will allow organizations using the Enterprise Mobility Management suite from VMware’s AirWatch to automatically switch security policies of smartphones and tablets based on the device’s owner and location.
ZoneDefense 5 , available via the company’s partners, allows systems administrators to create “hot zones” that can change the features, apps and content available on an AirWatch-managed device when it enters the area. The hot zones can be as large as an entire building or as small as an office cubicle.
With ZoneDefense for AirWatch, organizations can shift from a ‘one device, one policy’ model inherited from the PC and laptop era in favor of a ‘the right policy at the right place’ paradigm much more suited to the mobile world.
The ability to automatically change device policies based on zone means that companies can manage areas that have differing security levels, such as a building lobby. As a mobile device enters a zone, a new security policy can be triggered that prevents unauthorized activities such as file transfers, use of a camera or recording device, or accessing certain apps. Once the device exits the zone, the more stringent security policy is replaced with the standard one and mobile device activities return to normal.
Beyond the ability to automatically manage device security based on location, ZoneDefense 5 also gives systems and security personnel a more complete view of the mobile devices operating within the organization. Capable of detecting and locating all cellular and Wi-Fi devices, whether managed by AirWatch or not, ZoneDefense can identify, monitor and report on rogue smartphones and tablets that would otherwise operate under the radar, the company said.
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