Alteva Unveils CRM Connector for UCaaS

Alteva, which provides hosted unified communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) via channel partners, has launched the CRM Connector, for integrating productivity apps and UC functionality together.

“This integration truly allows users to realize the full potential of their UC solution,” said Mike Timar, vice president of product at Alteva. “It takes the value of the integration you get with the Alteva solution and seamlessly plugs it into a CRM application like Salesforce.”

The CRM Connector allows companies to build in a wide range of integrated functionality, like call preview. On inbound and outbound calls, if a match for the caller is located in the local address book (or within an integrated application), the caller’s summary details are displayed on screen. This allows the Alteva CRM Connector user to see who is calling them before they answer the call. Also, if a caller is located in either the local Alteva CRM Connector address book or in an integrated application, their full details can be quickly “popped” on a new browser tab.

It also offers call control, like dialing, answering, transfer, consult and hang-up, via the CRM app.  Details of regular contacts can be stored in the application’s local address book; the address book and integrated applications can be searched, and a contact’s number can be dialed with a click. And, many applications can be enabled to allow dialing directly from within the application. Web pages can be scanned for valid telephone numbers and, when found, they are turned into hyperlinks for dialing.

Users can also view a list of the most recent numbers that they have dialed, or a fuller history list of all inbound and outbound calls. Any telephone number in these lists can be re-dialed with a click. And, the presence screen allows users to check the busy status of their colleagues’ extensions.

“Alteva’s CRM Connector increases a team’s productivity, enabling them to more efficiently use their time and focus on what they do best,” Timar said.


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