ANPI Connect for Rural ILECs Logs 300%+ Growth

The ANPI Connect rural telco interconnection program, which was launched before the 2015 Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo, has increased 366 percent since then, with 110 endpoints. ANPI expects to grow to more than 200 by the end of the year.

“ANPI Connect has been ANPI’s long-term vision since I joined ANPI and I am thrilled to see what a positive impact it has made,” said Randy Lemmo, ANPI executive vice president of carrier services. “By working together to form one large network, carriers can connect to ANPI’s switching network and knock out many of the call quality, completion and billing issues they have been battling.”

ANPI Connect (previously known as VAP) was developed to finally provide an answer to call quality and call completion issues that have plagued the ILEC community for years. It provides ILECs with the purest direct interconnection to destinations within the ANPI footprint and a network efficiency ratio above 98%. ANPI Connect provides improved access billing, and, ANPI Connect members have been reporting fewer trouble tickets, fewer moving parts and no longer needing to deal with the constant headache of revenue conciliation.