Arctaris to Construct Fiber Network in Underserved Maine Communities

Arctaris Impact Investors LLC plans to build fiber broadband networks in economically distressed areas, including Opportunity Zones, throughout Maine.

The network will span across South Portland, Belfast, Millinocket, East Millinocket, and Medway and will pass approximately 12,000 residential and business premises, providing these underserved urban, suburban, and rural communities with access to affordable, inclusive and high-speed broadband.

Arctaris will construct and own the networks and will partner with Great Works Internet to deliver internet services. GWI is the premier provider of fiber optic internet service in Maine.

The program is also made possible through a partnership with the Finance Authority of Maine, which is providing 20 percent leveraged loan insurance and other assistance to Arctaris.

The gap in resources and opportunities available between residents with access to broadband and those without has been widening for years. However, the pandemic brought these inequities into even greater focus, highlighting the need for online schooling, remote work and telehealth medical services. The demand is so great that many states plan to use their American Rescue Plan Act funds on broadband infrastructure projects including improvements to connectivity, device and digital literacy for residents.

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