ATC Launches QueenCityFiber.Net

Advanced Technology Consulting (ATC) has launched QueenCityFiber.Net, a quick-quote shopping tool for small and medium-sized businesses that are looking for Internet access.

ATC has partnered with Cincinnati Bell Business to support the Web site, which provides speedy, accurate quotes and specialized counsel. Cincinnati Bell Business has the most widespread fiber optical network in Greater Cincinnati.

ATC has offices in Cincinnati and Hartford, Conn. The QueenCityFiber site can be used to access information about service provider offerings throughout the United States, but the initial focus is on Cincinnati.

“It’s pricing on the spot,” said ATC managing partner and co-founder David Goodwin. “There is no obligation to buy. What we are doing is providing a window into an opaque world of service providers and bandwidth options. QueenCityFiber.Net engages you in a painless, three-step process to determine your service options, Internet speeds and contract terms.”

“What people – business owners specifically – are looking for is reliable connectivity options, and how that’s going to affect their budget,” said Greg Wheeler, senior vice president of sales and operations for business markets at Cincinnati Bell Business. “Businesses are using exponentially more data as part of their daily routine. It’s an IP-based world. The Internet of Things will only exacerbate the need to transmit more data. We’re confident that in an open marketplace, our dedicated Ethernet fiber is very competitively positioned within our footprint.”

QueenCityFiber.Net was quietly launched late last year by ATC to support local Cincinnati businesses. ATC is a strategic channel partner with Cincinnati Bell Business. Service options run the gamut from business broadband and DSL to gigabit Ethernet. Although these services are all a viable option for businesses depending on their situation, QueenCityFiber’s go-to-market strategy is to promote the adoption of true dedicated Cincinnati Ethernet fiber.

“We like to see businesses move off of shared services and onto connectivity platforms, such as Cincinnati Ethernet fiber that are much more stable and reliable,” said Louie Hollmeyer, ATC’s director of marketing. “For any business looking for stability and growth, it’s not a matter of if, but when. Cincinnati is fortunate that the metro Cincinnati Ethernet fiber footprint is strong and costs are affordable. It’s also a unique market with the influence of Cincinnati Bell Business. They have a solid ‘fiber’ offering and it’s one of their most strategic products.”

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