AT&T Collaborating with Delta Air Lines to Enhance Pilot Connectivity

AT&T Business and Apple are collaborating with Delta Air Lines to extend its options for in-flight, next-gen connectivity for airline staff.

Delta is specifically upgrading its all-pilot electronic flight bag technology – a pilot tool for pre-flight management tasks and processes – to iPad Pro devices connected to AT&T’s 5G services. Delta will also use AT&T’s IoT Global SIM and Control Center to support pilots, helping them manage and troubleshoot devices in more than 200 countries.

AT&T’s 5G network tech is expected to allow pilots to download data at speeds comparable to Wi-Fi, even while in transit.

The news follow’s Delta’s announcement in April that it will equip its flight attendants with iPhone 12 and 5G. For its part, AT&T recently announced plans to equip 25 U.S. airports with 5G+ technology by the end of 2022.