Augmentt Removes SaaS Management Complexity with Community Software

Augmentt, a SaaS security and management platform built for MSPs, launches today a free community software program designed to help MSPs and IT professionals to manage and secure their SaaS and cloud applications.

Available immediately and free forever, the tools include the Augmentt Email & Notification Console and Augmentt Security Auditing Tool for Salesforce.

The critical systems and applications MSPs and their customers use are designed to send important email-based alerts and notifications when specific activities may require their attention. However, messages often can be overlooked by busy technicians and overcrowded inboxes.

With the Augmentt Email Alert & Notification Console, MSPs and IT professionals can monitor for critical security alerts including failed backups, billing notifications, role and licensing changes, and more; and forward critical emails to their notification channel of choice (i.e. Slack, Teams, PSA, etc.). The free tool also allows MSPs to create an unlimited number of dedicated email addresses within the Augmentt platform, add unique addresses for tracking critical systems and application alerts, and design an unlimited number of email rules to ensure actionable email alerts or notifications never are missed.

“The launch of the Augmentt Email Alert & Notification Console is the first in a series of steps we will be taking to centralize alerting for MSPs,” said Gavin Garbutt, chairman and co-founder, Augmentt. “The expansion of these capabilities makes it possible for our partners and their customers to cut through the noise and focus on the critical alerts impacting their SaaS environments. Further, through our freemium model, we are providing MSPs with the ability to add more value for their customers and monetize accordingly to drive revenue growth.”

Designed specifically for MSPs and IT professionals that are tasked with auditing and monitoring the security configuration of Salesforce applications, this downloadable Augmentt Security Auditing Tool for Salesforce can be installed on any local or cloud system and can connect to multiple Salesforce accounts from one central console.

The tool provides detailed security information for Salesforce applications, including:

  • Health status and risk
  • Detailed user, usage and license details
  • Overview of roles and profiles
  • API usage details

To enable MSPs to more easily begin their journey toward becoming a next-generation cloud MSP, Augmentt is offering 100 free seats of Augmentt Discover, which supports the quick identification of every SaaS application being used across the organization regardless of where people work, which device they use, and how they run the application.

For more information and for access to the Augmentt Email Alert & Notification Console and Augmentt Salesforce Security Auditing Tool, click here. To sign up for 100 free seats of Augmentt Discover, click here.

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