Axonius Unveils SaaS Management Solution to Combat Complexity

Axonius, a leader in cybersecurity asset management, unveiled Axonius SaaS Management, a comprehensive solution that helps security, IT, finance and risk teams control the complexity, cost and risk of software as a service (SaaS) with a single source of truth into their SaaS application landscape.

As businesses increase consumption of SaaS applications, they face acute IT, security and business challenges. The rate of SaaS adoption makes manual approaches to gaining a credible SaaS asset inventory inadequate and exposes difficult visibility challenges into known and unknown SaaS applications.

Compounding these visibility challenges, companies struggle to identify how data flows between apps, manage a myriad of configurations, and close security gaps, as well as track licensing and spend, across hundreds — sometimes thousands — of SaaS applications.

Axonius SaaS Management lets customers address the operational and financial challenges of SaaS asset management, as well as the security and risk gaps, all via a seamless, nonintrusive deployment that delivers actionable insights from day one. This is the first product delivered by AxoniusX, the company’s innovation-focused business unit that launched in June 2021.

Axonius SaaS Management uses adapters (API connections to data sources) and proprietary SaaS discovery tools to create a detailed inventory of all SaaS applications, permissions and data flows. By connecting to all layers of the SaaS application stack, the solution discovers the SaaS applications known to and sanctioned by organizations as well as shadow and unmanaged apps.

This approach provides comprehensive visibility into all data types and interconnectivity flows, identifies misconfigurations and data security risks, and delivers actionable insights for better IT management and cost optimization.

Axonius SaaS Management integrates with Axonius Cybersecurity Asset Management to provide a comprehensive platform that unifies all digital assets — from SaaS apps to devices, user accounts, cloud assets, and more — so customers can control complexity across the entire IT environment.

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