Backblaze Intros Event Notifications Service to Automate Cloud Workflows

Specialized cloud storage platform Backblaze launched an Event Notifications service that notifies users and external cloud services whenever data is changed in Backblaze B2 cloud storage.

The new release allows businesses to build automated workloads across best-of-breed cloud platforms. With it, data changes such as uploads, updates and deletions can
automatically trigger other actions, among them:

  • Transcoding video files.
  • Sending reports to IT teams.
  • Spooling up data analytics.
  • Delivering finished assets to end users.

Previously, organizations tended to settle for notification features that restricted them
to one platform or tied them to legacy intermediary tools, such as AWS messaging services.

“Companies increasingly want to leverage best-of-breed providers to grow their business,
versus being locked into the traditional closed cloud providers,” said Gleb Budman, Backblaze CEO and chair. “Our new Event Notifications service unlocks the freedom
for our customers to build their cloud workflows in whatever way they prefer.”

The service can send notifications to external designated endpoints, eliminating
unnecessary complexity and overhead through cloud services automation, accelerated deployment and proactive security. It also  supports the expanded use of serverless architecture and specialized microservices, across clouds.

Event Notifications is now available in private preview, with general availability planned for later this year. For Backblaze’s partner program, click here.