Zscaler Signs Agreement to Acquire Airgap Networks

Zscaler has announced an agreement to acquire Airgap Networks, a leader in cybersecurity solutions for business-critical networks.

Combining Zscaler’s zero trust SD-WAN and Airgap’s agentless segmentation technology will transform how enterprises implement zero trust segmentation to IoT/OT devices and critical infrastructure across branches, campuses, factories, and data centers as well as east-west connectivity.

Traditional NAC and network-based firewalls that use static access control lists (ACLs) to control east-west traffic were not designed to prevent sophisticated threats from moving laterally within a LAN. Airgap’s approach, which uses an intelligent DHCP proxy architecture, isolates every device and dynamically controls access based on identity and context, reducing business risk for enterprises with critical infrastructure.

Customers will benefit in the following ways:

  • Extending zero trust to devices on internal networks: Airgap’s technology enforces zero trust principles across east-west LAN device traffic, shrinking the internal attack surface to help eliminate lateral threat movement on campus and OT networks.
  • Securing critical OT infrastructure: Airgap’s technology delivers real-time device discovery and inline enforcement. It acts as a ransomware kill switch, disabling non-essential device communications to halt lateral threat movement without interrupting business operations. The service neutralizes advanced threats, such as ransomware on IoT devices, OT systems and agent-incapable devices.
  • Delivering operational simplicity and cost savings: Airgap’s solution eliminates the need for risk-prone east-west firewalls and antiquated security technologies such as NAC with the ability to identify and control all traffic from managed and unmanaged devices on any branch, campus or factory network without requiring changes to the existing switching and routing infrastructure. This dramatically improves enterprises’ security posture as traditional approaches using NAC fundamentally contradict the foundational principle of zero trust — “never trust, always verify.”

For more information, check out Zscaler’s blog post.