Auvik Report Highlights Increased Automation Spending

IT solutions provider Auvik published its IT Trends 2024: Industry Report. This annual report collected responses from 2,100 internal IT and MSP professionals, keying in on the top trends and challenges that impact IT teams. The 2024 survey revealed that a lack of skilled workers is regarded as a top IT team challenge, causing them to prioritize automation, MSP outsourcing and new tools adoption, all aimed at improving productivity and reducing the burden on front-line technicians.

The adoption of automation such as AI and ML tools is designed to address the burden on IT teams that are frequently perceived as overworked and understaffed. Driven by persistent talent shortages, resource constraints and the complexity of managing numerous tools, automation is emerging as a critical solution for enhancing end-user experience and bridging the gap for MSPs and internal IT departments.

In 2024, 96 percent of IT professionals noted using at least one AI or ML tool, despite 29 percent of network and SaaS-related tasks being done “mostly” or “completely” manually.

With 64 percent of internal IT departments spending up to 50 percent of their working hours resolving end user requests, automation is expected to alleviate workload and allow them to focus on other priorities. Many IT professionals are also outsourcing network-related tasks or functions to address workforce shortages, with nearly three out of four respondents sharing that at least some of these tasks are being delegated to external entities such as MSPs.

“The trends toward automation and outsourcing when it comes to network management echoes what we are hearing from our customers—a desire for frictionless IT,” said Doug Murray, CEO, Auvik. “IT professionals and MSPs want to be able to embrace change, introduce innovative technology into their environments, and reduce the huge amount of time their teams are currently spending on menial tasks. Automation allows them to do more with less and free up time and resources to focus on more strategic projects, while ensuring the day-to-day runs smoothly and employees still enjoy a seamless user experience.”

An additional strain on frontline IT workers is also creating significant gaps between how upper management and practitioners view IT struggles, with 58 percent of C-suite respondents being highly confident that their organization’s network toolset meets the needs of remote workers, while just 35 percent of IT technicians reported this same confidence.

Approximately 86 percent of respondents reported increased budgets in 2024, with nearly 50 percent projecting an increase of at least 20 percent over 2023. Top investments included:

  • SaaS monitoring and management tools (48 percent).
  • Wi-Fi management (46 percent).
  • Cloud monitoring and management (46 percent)

“Compared to last year’s data, there has been a 10 percent increase in IT teams experiencing infrastructure and performance challenges,” said Murray. “Clearly, organizations are addressing these challenges with the adoption of new network management tools. By embracing innovation and automation, IT teams are taking steps toward alleviating their top roadblocks, finding some relief in the endless list of ticket requests and menial tasks and taking back control of their IT environments.”

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