Baicells Launches New 4x4MIMO LTE Base Station

Baicells Technologies, a leading manufacturer of fixed wireless LTE and 5G NR hardware solutions, announced that its new 8x5W, 4x4MIMO, LTE base station – the Nova846 – is now CBRS ready after undergoing extensive testing and receiving FCC certification. This next-generation of fixed wireless LTE base station will require an 8-port antenna and will provide operators with a more powerful base station option when compared to Baicells flagship eNB, the Nova436Q.

The Nova846 is Baicells latest offering in its extensive fixed wireless LTE hardware line-up. This impressive 8-port, 8x5W base station is equipped with a 4x4MIMO and operates within LTE Release 15. The eNB can offer up to 440Mbps down to 256 concurrent users, making it one of the most powerful private LTE small cells on the market today, said the company. Due to the technology’s impressive throughput and ability to penetrate foliage, the Nova846 is expected to offer fixed wireless operators the ability to provide incredibly fast throughput rates to communities in heavily wooded areas and remote regions.

“Baicells is continuing our years-long effort to offer WISP operators the best-in-breed for fixed wireless LTE hardware. We are pleased to kick off WISPAPALOOZA by announcing our Nova846 is CBRS ready. The Nova846 will let operators reach new markets and deliver greater speeds,” said Boun Senekham, Baicells vice president of sales. “We can see so many potential use cases for this base station, especially when it comes to rural operators and their abilities to reach new market segments, so we’re really happy to work with operators to get all the tools they need to immediately begin getting new subscribers that may have been previously unreachable.”

The Nova846 can be upgraded via dual carrier (DC) or carrier aggregation (CA) software licenses to improve performance on that base station. In CA mode, contiguous or non-contiguous channels are aggregated to provide up to 40 MHz bandwidth. This essentially doubles the downlink capacity when the CA mode is used with all Cat6/7 user equipment.

In DC mde, each carrier is treated as an independent cell, supporting 128+128 users, and each supporting 20 MHz bandwidth. Using a Nova846 in DC mode simplifies and streamlines the deployment of split sectors. Additionally, HaloB (an embedded MME option) is a standard feature in the base software. The Baicells patented HaloB solution migrates the necessary core network functions to the eNB.