Monetize Streaming Traffic on Your Network, No Strings Attached

Backed by $20 million of investment capital, Vidgo is focused on establishing a stable and viable streaming product WISP business owners can feel confident in associating their brand with for the long term. Vidgo provides WISPs with a revenue-generating viable product without the “headaches” and gray areas associated with IPTV, said the company, bringing stability to the WISP market.

What’s the main difference between Vidgo and the other guys?  For starters, there’s no gray areas or second-tier content without any local channels. Vidgo has a national license with contracts for premium content with more than 100 channels from ESPN/Disney, ABC, Fox, Discovery and NFL Network to deliver television anywhere the customer has internet in the United States. What’s more, there are no restrictions or limits to deliver via a closed network in a small footprint. Customers can use Vidgo anywhere in the United States on popular devices such as Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android, Web browsers or mobile phones.

“Vidgo has the solution to the headaches with a business model that removes the costs and overhead for a WISP to own and operate a video platform,” said company executives.

Backed by a well-capitalized automotive dealership that does more than $4 billion a year in sales, the Vidgo team has built a business model that strategically aligns with WISPs, allowing them to focus their time on broadband. Under the Vidgo model, WISPs can spend time and money expanding their footprints and customer bases instead of dealing with the typical costs and hassles associated with IPTV.

Vidgo believes in a simple, straightforward approach that focuses on a customer-friendly approach, allowing WISPs to improve customer retention and increase the lifetime value of subscribers by bundling high speed internet with a live video streaming experience. With the Vidgo model created specifically for WISPs, providers can bill and own the customer relationship. Digital and offline marketing services are provided at no cost. And WISPs set their own prices and earn $5 to $15 recurring revenue each month while associating their brands with premium networks such as ESPN and Fox.

Vidgo also has local content rights in all 210 DMAs across the country. WISPs in every market can offer their customers access to local news, weather and sports from ABC and Fox. Best of all, there are no expensive transport costs that typically burden the WISP running an IPTV network. Vidgo absorbs that cost so WISPs can maximize profits and not have to deal with the headache and hassle of securing retransmission consent for each local station. Simply put, there are zero costs to carry or provide local channels to your customers with Vidgo.

Vidgo and Mitotec have partnered to offer WISPA members a bundled solution of internet and live streaming. There are no costs to join the Vidgo Mitotec program. Effective September 1st, 2021, until March 31st, 2022, Vidgo will be extending to all Vidgo partners additional promotional pricing as part of an effort to drive recurring revenue with OTT streaming services. Drop by the booth to learn about the special pricing.