Beachhead Solutions Launches RiskResponder to Empower MSP-Client Collaboration

Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for managed service providers (MSPs), released RiskResponder. The automated sentinel delivers predetermined responses to environmental or behavioral risks that exceed acceptable thresholds MSPs and their clients set.

As part of the BeachheadSecure for MSPs® platform, RiskResponder provides managed endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities that enable MSPs to prepare, customize  and execute powerful risk mitigation responses across a comprehensive list of potential threat conditions.

MSPs responsible for securing clients’ data must protect endpoints against a range of risks. Preventing data breach incidents means enforcing encryption, policing employee behavior, meeting regulatory and industry compliance mandates, and controlling access to remove data from harm’s way when substantial risk is recognized. MSPs must also provide these protections seamlessly, without hampering employees and impacting the productivity of client employees.

Designed with these specific MSP requirements in mind, RiskResponder provides automatic 24/7/365 security to defend all endpoint devices containing sensitive client data. Using RiskResponder’s intuitive UI, MSPs can define automated responses to hacking attempts, geofence violations, time-based excesses, network-borne attacks, and attempts to undermine security tools.

The moment a threat is detected, RiskResponder executes preset actions appropriate to the risk. MSP-customized responses can log active events, alert appropriate personnel to investigate risk activities, run scripts, present device users with dialog alerts, andremove data access from a protected device if necessary.

Importantly, RiskResponder strengthens the relationship between MSP and client by fostering the close collaboration required to customize security parameters accurately.