BEC Technologies Launches AirConnect LTE/5G NR Dual Mode CPE Solutions

BEC Technologies has added the AirConnect series of dual mode LTE and 5G NR CPE solutions to its fixed wireless access portfolio. AirConnect solutions are future-ready, providing operators the flexibility to deploy now for existing LTE networks and swiftly transition to 5G NR over sub-6 GHz.

According to the company, AirConnect provides operators with a cost-effective way to deliver next-generation high-speed broadband services for existing and future deployments to meet rising consumer demand. AirConnect supports non-standalone (NSA) mode providing 5G NR enhanced data speed and substantial increases in overall capacity over existing 4G LTE infrastructure.  Operators can also leverage standalone (SA) mode for expanded coverage and higher operational efficiency when implementing 5G NR end-to-end from the core network to radio access. 

The AirConnect portfolio also offers multiple form factors to address specific applications or use cases.  The broad portfolio of solutions supports multiple bands including  Bn2, Bn5, Bn12, Bn41, Bn48, Bn66, and Bn71 with carrier aggregation, higher-order QAM, and multi-element adaptive 4×4 MIMO antenna design, ensuring exceptional performance.