Hammer Fiber Optics Holdings Corp Begins Construction of Wireless Network in Huntsville

Hammer Fiber has announced its first lease agreement to facilitate the construction of a wireless network in Huntsville, Alabama.

The first radios for the new high-speed wireless service will be located on the 125-foot water tower located at the Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment center. The network will offer broadband services to both commercial and residential customers in Huntsville and the surrounding area under the HiWAAY brand.

1stPoint Communications, Hammer’s subsidiary, acquired the hosting assets of HiWAAY Information Services in July 2018, prior to merging with Hammer. HiWAAY was one of the first dial-up ISPs to enter the northern Alabama market in the early 1990’s and transitioned the majority of their subscribers to DSL before exiting the market in 2015. HiWAAY Internet Services will be a re-launch of Hammer’s high-speed wireless Internet services in the US.

Further information about the launch of the Huntsville Network will be available on HammerLive. The broadcast will be available at 2:00 PM EST on Monday, November 2.