Blackfoot Shares Reasons it Partners with Cradlepoint

Blackfoot Communications partners with Cradlepoint to provide technology that helps power its managed services. Cradlepoint is a leader in cloud-delivered 4G LTE and 5G wireless WAN networking solutions.

A new Blackfoot webinar explains the relation. The webinar covers how the pace of digital transformation for businesses has skyrocketed and how this transformation is restricted by conventional connectivity.

It shows how a business-wide area network (WAN) is converging and how wireless WAN can improve your reach and agility.

Viewers also will gain an overview of Cradlepoint’s solutions and hear relevant use cases that demonstrate how well-known companies have benefitted from Cradlepoint.

Here are key takeaways from the webinar:

  • Benefits of Cradlepoint’s Cellular Solutions – Assurance of always-on connectivity. Scalable expanded connectivity for on-the-go networks. Increased security and manageability of your network. Improved agility to connect your people, places, and things quickly and securely.
  • Benefits of Wireless WAN – Why wireless WAN for your business? Extend your customer reach, mitigate downtime, simplify management, gain greater agility, cover the whole WAN edge, and increase scalability.
  • Day-1 Connectivity – Ideal for time-critical deployments, day-1 connectivity provides faster time to revenue and has high availability. Day-1 connectivity also bridges the gap for fiber build projects, deploying wireless connectivity day 1 until construction is complete.
  • Cellular Failover for Branch Continuity – Ideal for any sites that require critical availability and the use of their current networking or SD-WAN infrastructure.
  • Inline Connectivity – Ideal for managed connectivity with an existing edge firewall.
  • All-in-One Branch Connectivity – Ideal for small footprint branch routing that requires high availability across thousands of sites.
  • All Cellular Branch Routing – Ideal for small footprint branches looking for flexible network connectivity and simplified billing.

Watch the webinar online here: Watch Now