BluLogix Launches Mobility Lifecycle Management for Resellers

BluLogix, the cloud billing and revenue assurance solutions provider, has introduced its fully managed Mobility Lifecycle Management (MLM) for Resellers solution.

Enterprises are rapidly adopting mobile services to better serve customers, streamline operations and increase employee productivity. However, a notable shift is occurring regarding the way that businesses are procuring their mobile services. Specifically, businesses are gradually moving away from traditional telecom carriers and toward resellers that can more cost-effectively meet their mobile needs.

To meet this demand, thereby increasing their opportunity to gain market share and increase profits, resellers must be supported by a comprehensive mobile management strategy that will enable them to seamlessly and cost-effectively manage enterprise wireless services on a day-to-day basis.

“With user demand for mobile reseller services expected to grow even further, a fully managed mobile life-cycle management solution can enable resellers that lack the technical capabilities, as well as billing resources, to effectively fulfill orders and manage wireless enterprise services,” said BluLogix CEO Tim Cook.

BluLogix’s MLM solution offers resellers three advanced core functionalities:

Ordering and provisioning: For resellers that lack the internal bandwidth or resources necessary to support their day-to-day mobile subscription requirements—such as  billing in advance, invoice management and tax integration—BluLogix offers fully managed support to optimize resellers’ wireless service management and, as a result, significantly increase cost savings. For example, by entrusting such mission-critical tasks to BluLogix’s team of experts, resellers can avoid increasing spending on new hiring and training initiatives.

Global Telecom Expense Management (TEM) reporting: Resellers can sharpen their competitive edge with BluLogix’s advanced TEM platform. The technology grants telecom managers access to an extensive archive of valuable customer data, which can be leveraged to deepen their organization’s pool of contacts and sell more strategically. For example, specific customer data can enable resellers to offer free analyses of their customers’ existing telecom spend, allowing them to close more deals by accurately predicting how much CIOs and CFOs can save on their annual telecom spend.

Helpdesk support: BluLogix’s MLM solution ensures resellers can provide telecom manager and end-user customers with attentive, dedicated customer care thanks to built-in helpdesk support.