CDS Launches New Services for Raytrix MVS Platform

CDS, a provider of multi-vendor services for data centers, announced three services that distinguish the company as the preferred partner for enterprise data center support that spans all major infrastructure brands and models and speeds the ability for customers to achieve major cost savings and extend the useful life of their IT assets.

The new services, all extensions of the CDS Raytrix MVS platform, include:

  • CDS RapidStart deploys advanced process standards and methodology to create a fast and complete onboarding experience. Designed to speed the transition to CDS care within 30 days, CDS RapidStart is a repeatable and efficient onboarding workflow that ensures proper communications, information transfer and technical requirements are completed in a timely and successful manner.
  • CDS CoverageNow identifies and provides coverage for unknown or undiscovered data center inventory — storage, network and server equipment — to minimize the risk of service transitions and align coverage across the data center environment. This helps customers address the risk of undiscovered systems that are no longer covered by warranty or maintenance. For those organizations that don’t have the time or resources to produce a complete data center inventory, CDS DiscoveryNow conducts a thorough discovery and documentation process to identify all gaps and minimize risk.
  • CDS Warranty+ provides a custom 4-hour parts replacement option for select mission-critical items when next-day delivery isn’t good enough for the urgency of the business-supporting system. Warranty+ allows CDS to deliver system-level customization of SLAs (service-level agreements) while augmenting vendor-provided warranty terms with fine-grained support and the flexibility to add and change over time.

Daniel Newton, CEO of CDS, said, “These services are the result of listening to our customers and partners.  We heard that we could make a significant impact on two key phases of the customer journey – specifically around managing the beginning of that journey, via onboarding, as well as managing inevitable change during that journey.  We’ve made the process of transitioning to MVS much easier, more predictable, and less time-consuming via RapidStart. And with CoverageNow and Warranty+, we’ve introduced more flexibility and granularity around the management of servers, network, and storage.”

All services are available in all geographies served by CDS and its partners.