ChannelEyes Unveils Workflow Tool for Channel Managers

ChannelEyes is prepared to launch OPTYX, a new predictive scoring and prioritization solution created to help channel organizations accelerate sales by processing internal and external data signals. OPTYX has been designed to deliver a 20 percent increase in sales.

The self-learning predictive analytics engine processes massive and complex data sets to create simple alerts and notifications that drive channel partner and alliance sales. OPTYX was developed by a team of data scientists processing transactional, behavioral and big data sets from hundreds of data signals across dozens of sources, says the company. It brings togetherimportant information about an indirect partner sales channel, and then uses data science to produce partner insights and visibility a channel seller can act on, making it possible to engage with channel partners and alliances in more productive and meaningful ways.

“OPTYX is the first sales workflow tool for channel account managers,” said Jay McBain, CEO at ChannelEyes. “In the past, these sellers have relied on stale reports, spreadsheets and sales processes built around their direct selling counterparts.”

Internal and external data signals are leveraged to generate alerts and notifications, and then OPTYX calculates and prioritizes the optimal order and assigns the workflow. The channel account manager takes action on the prioritized list and is assisted with detailed call agendas and partner report cards.

OPTYX is integrated with leading CRM systems including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM. All calls, emails, notes, deal updates and partner interactions are recorded instantly in the CRM system, said Dave Geoghegan, CTO of ChannelEyes.

“OPTYX takes the guesswork out of the indirect sales process,” said McBain. “The predictive algorithms and environmental analysis provide channel teams with the definitive knowledge on how to best contact their best partner opportunities. Channel account managers gain one day a week of productivity by not having to chase data for management and partner reporting.”