Chip Sanctions Take Huawei Out of No. 1 Position in Mobile Networks

The 5G cycle is underway, but new evidence has emerged that illustrates the strong impact of U.S. sanctions on the mobile infrastructure market.

Mobile Experts has developed a model, based on tracking of component shipments, that indicates a significant shift in market share for the major radio access network vendors. Ericsson is the clear No. 1 supplier for 2021, not Huawei. The latest Mobile Experts report diagrams how the market has shifted, as well as the trends over the next five years.

With its attention to detail and methodology, Mobile Experts has created a breakdown of all revenue for the radio access market. During the last 12 years, the analyst firm has created forecasts for every corner of the market, and the latest report synthesizes all that detail into a complete bird’s eye view of the market from small cells to macro base stations and everything in-between.

“Our approach to forecasting is deeply analytical, using data from more than 100 sources, rather than simply the inputs of five OEMs. Our approach works. This analyst team has been creating some of the most accurate, detailed forecasting on the market for over a decade,” Chief Analyst of Mobile Experts Joe Madden said in a prepared statement. “We have developed relationships with suppliers, operators, and vendors that give us data for a three-pronged approach to triangulation on mobile infrastructure revenue.

“Overall, the RAN market is looking up. After 30 years of boom-and-bust cycles, the market is currently at a peak with 5G deployment in its active mode this year. We see new revenue coming in from private enterprises to offset the natural drop in CSP sales; specifically, the private LTE/5G market will grow by 19 percent, accounting for more than $4 billion in 2026. As a result, the total RAN market will remain near its 5G peak for a few years, with the possibility for growth in the longer-term Madden said.

The RAN tracking service will be offered as a quarterly revenue and market share tracking subscription  Contact Mobile Experts for more details.

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