CoastCom Turns Up Hillsboro Data Center Ring in Oregon

CoastCom, a privately held CLEC based in Newport, Ore., has announced the Hillsboro Data Center Ring, which interconnects six data centers in the Hillsboro, Ore. area with low loss high count fiber that can be utilized as either dark fiber or for wavelength services.

The Hillsboro Data Center Ring allows any customer of any one data center to connect to any customer of any another data center, or all data centers, with full redundancy, and improved ease of access and speed of provisioning.

“One motivator for construction of the Hillsboro Data Center Ring is its connection to offshore fiber routes from a submarine cable landing site in Pacific City,” said CoastCom President Greg Palser. “We are providing path-diverse terrestrial fiber routes from the beach to Hillsboro for a couple of transpacific cables from several northern Asian countries, and possibly New Zealand and Australia. These international customers will then be able to directly access all six of these Hillsboro data centers. It is a major step forward for this portion of Hillsboro’s critical infrastructure.”

He also praised the city of Hillsboro. “They have a tremendous amount of vision in foreseeing how to serve the high tech industry and to set themselves apart as a center for communications and technology related businesses,” Palser said. Sarah Garrison, Hillsboro’s Economic Development Manager, said, “As a city with a vision for smart and effective long-term economic growth, we are pleased at CoastCom’s addition to Hillsboro’s Critical Infrastructure.”

Both of CoastCom’s terrestrial fiber routes are terminating in the ViaWest Brookwood Data Center which will then be able to transition to the Data Center Ring.

“We’re excited to have our fiber routes from the coast terminated in the newest, state of the art data center in Hillsboro,” said Palser. “These Hillsboro data centers certainly understand how to provide efficient collocation space to their customers, combine that with the unparalleled dependability of redundant electrical power provided by Portland General Electric makes this area one of the best in the world for this industry.”

He added, “There are not many places on the West Coast that have abundant amounts of new low loss path diverse fiber to the metro area. That coupled with the State of Oregon’s welcoming attitude to permitting submarine cable landings make the Oregon Coast the best choice in landing a submarine cable on the U.S. West Coast.”