Cologix Rolls Out Cloud Connect

Cologix has unveiled Cologix Cloud Connect.

Cologix customers have technology choice between public, private and hybrid cloud models as well as vendor choice within each model.

Enterprises interested in public cloud applications can choose from more than 80 pre-approved, direct onramps to these services that bypass the public Internet. Cologix customers can also connect to more than 100 cloud services providers operating nodes within Cologix data centers to augment their own internal IT environment.  Finally, Cologix continues to build relationships with technology providers who build private cloud environments in Cologix facilities for their end users.

“We have a large and diverse set of enterprise customers, ranging from Fortune 100 to local businesses,” said Graham Williams, COO at Cologix.  Interestingly, conversations across that wide spectrum have revealed several consistent themes. First, our customers are adopting cloud services selectively to work with their internal systems, as opposed to replacing them altogether. Second, our clients are approaching the space cautiously because they are unsure which service providers and technologies will win out as the market matures.  In consulting with our customers it is clear to us that choice and low switching costs are every bit as important in the cloud service space as in the network service space.”

Cologix has Meet-Me-Rooms across an eight-market, 20-data center platform.

“These providers realize there is an underserved universe of enterprises in markets like Jacksonville, Montreal and Vancouver that value high performance and protected connections as differentiators,” Williams said.

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